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Kindle me this?

Posted in resources by josh duncan on November 30, 2008

I have been keeping an eye on the Kindle ever since it launched but have resisted tempation to buy.  I usually purchase 30-40 books a year and the majority of them are business and technology related.  The idea of having searchable access to my library with just a click sounds amazing.

CrunchGear has a post on what Amazon can do to sell more Kindles.  I agree that offering it at a reduced priced with a monthly book credit is a great idea.  However, I completely disagree with their comment that the Hardware doesn’t need to be upgraded.  There are several serious flaws with the hardware that are preventing it to crossing over to the mainstream.

  1. Make the screen bigger (the idea is to read for a long time, right?)
  2. Better button placement (do some ergonomics research!)
  3. Make it thinner (end result is that is should be easier to hold for long periods of time)

In my assessment, the Kindle 1.0 is a great first effort but it well past the time for a Kindle 2.0.

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