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How Many Blogs Have You Been With?

Posted in random, resources by josh duncan on December 17, 2008

According to Technorati’s “State of the Blogsphere 2008”, 184 million people WW have started a blog (even more impressive “77% of active Internet users read blogs”).

To tell you the truth, this is actually my third blog.  The first two didn’t go that well so I usually don’t like to mention them (it is always a bit awkward at the end).   But for the sake of openness, I will divulge.

My first blog was a family blog.  I started it on Blogger back before they were bought by Google.  It was fun and great for keeping the family up on the latest but eventually, the novelty wore off and it just became a site for photo updates.

The second blog started when we moved to Texas as a way for us to help keep family and friends up-to-date on all the new things we were discovering in Texas (rodeos, scorpions, breakfast tacos, monster trucks, BBQ, etc).  As hilarious as this was, after a year it started to get old and hard to keep it entertaining.

So, this brings us to blog number three (the one you are currently reading).  I am still working on my overall goals for this blog but the one that sticks out the most right now, is to be part of the conversation on a topic that I am very excited and passionate about.

Will this one last?  Will anyone care?   If not, maybe blog number two will take me back……

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