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Did You Know That 70% OF Consumers Have Used Social Media To Get Info About A Product?

Posted in marketing by josh duncan on January 6, 2009


Media Post recently reported on a  DEI Worldwide study on Word-of-mouth marketing.

The study showed that 67% of consumers are likely to pass along information from an actual (“real live”) brand representative to other people, and 57% are likely to take action based on that information

Consumers don’t put much trust in corporate blogs or social network profiles, but will readily listen to people–even if they are employed by the company selling the product–provided that they are open about their mission and relationship to the company.

This is a very interesting stat for social media and could lead you to jump to some immediate conclusions.  However, if you really want WOM marketing to work you need a complete story (see Made to Stick)

The Brand Experience Lab has a really good post on the subject and sums it up perfectly here:

WOM is not a tactic or strategy by itself. It is the outcome of doing something really well.

Bottom line, it all comes back to your companies brand and product strategy.  If you create something that has an authentic story behind it, people will love talking about it.

Did You Know 14% of U.S. Adults Qualify As Foodies?

Posted in marketing by josh duncan on December 31, 2008


Media Post has an article this morning discussing recent research by Packaged Facts that found that 31.2 million–or 14.4% of U.S. adults–qualify as foodies (like trying all kinds of food and willing to pay above average).

There is all sorts of information that was interesting in the article.  Here are a few of the findings:

The foodie culture is “an essentially American phenomenon” that has emerged in reaction to this country’s “uniquely malleable and marketer-driven” food culture, say the PF analysts. While other nations or regions have distinct cultures surrounding food and its consumption, the U.S. generally lacks such a culture, and foodies are on a mission to fill this void, they explain.

Their eagerness to experiment makes them receptive to F&B product launches, but their restlessness poses challenges to fostering enduring brand loyalty.

The most interesting pieces of this article was that the research found that while gourmet food was important to the Foodie, more important was that it was “new and preferably authentic“.

So, let me get this straight, Foodies like

  • New/fresh
  • Authentic
  • Not being labeled
  • Spending time on the Internet
  • Trying new things

This sounds very applicable to other up-incoming segments don’t you think?

Read the full article here.

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