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Nowhere to Hide (or why you should start a company now)

Posted in resources by josh duncan on December 10, 2008

Austin Start-up has a post today discussing hiring and firings and it is pretty safe to say that nobody is safe right now:

Of those companies that reported a reduction in the last year, half (48%) expect another cut in the next six months

So, is that great or what?  Its very depressing when you think about working your tail off for the next six months trying to make a difference and still getting hit because of the bad economy.  This reminded me of an article I read way back in October on why now is a good time for a startup:

  1. Easier recruitment of good talent
  2. Less competition
  3. Incentive to run things cheap
  4. Buy low, sell high

However, I think the most important point is that why not invest in yourself?  No matter where you work you are taking a risk, why not increase your chance for a reward?

AlleyInsider has the full article here.