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Posted in Product by josh duncan on March 7, 2009


Very interesting interview in this month’s AMA Marketing News magazine (link not online yet but should be here) with the author of Buyology.

Martin Lindstrom discuss the science of neuromarketing and the science behind why people buy.

Some interesting quotes from the article:

The first step marketers should take is to realize that, most likely, the research studies they’re doing right now are insufficient because the subconscious mind is what’ driving [consumer behavior]

Bottom line, there was no discernible difference between the way the subjects reacted to powerful brands and the way they reacted to religious icons and figures

Lindstrom has been able to measure how the mind responds to a good story vs. a simple tag line .  He admits that there is no magic buy button in the consumer’s mind but with the right message, in the right context, the better chance you of have of getting it to stick.

Enough here to convince me that Buyology should be well worth the read.

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